Halloween, Halloween . . . Trick or Treat


Oh, the weather outside is frightful, and this is just the way my hub, Michael Myers, and I like it when it comes to Halloween.  Our teen neighbor joins in as we attempt to scare the local kiddos on their hunt for candy.  This year the hub constructed a black screen on our porch to block the trick or treaters’ view of the bucket of candy.  They had to pass through a gate, walk past a moving witch, and then peer behind the blackness.  Hey, we like to make squirts work for their treats.

IMG_1279Today fellow parent volunteers and I are scaring the first-grade students in my daughter’s class with an Ooky Station complete with dried ears (pig ears), tongues (dried apricots), fingers (turkey jerky), bloody intestines (spaghetti with sauce), warts (raisins), bloody skin (lasagna noodles with sauce), eyeballs (garlic-stuffed olives), and bones (thick pretzel sticks).  Needless to say, Halloween is by far my favorite.

Tonight we will Tent or Treat at Troy United Methodist Church, and tomorrow once kiddo activities are complete, we will shop the bargain racks at spooky stores in search of ideas for next year’s celebration.

How do you celebrate Halloween?