I Notice How AWESOME You Are

Despite the saying, words do hurt.  Believe me;  I know.  Unkind words hurt adults just as they can truly damage a child’s self-esteem.  For me, I am a lover of words, font, text, etc., especially when they are placed together in such a manner with the goal of improving someone’s day.

The other day while celebrating a dear friend’s fortieth birthday, we were perusing a local independent bookstore.  While there, I came across some business cards with the saying, “I Notice How AWESOME You Are.”  This, of course, brought to mind a business card I once received in my mailbox which was attached to some Girl Scout papers which I needed to process for our troop, not one of my favorite jobs.  Yet, I sat at my kitchen table that evening working on those papers with the hugest grin on my face.  That card with those words had made all the difference.  Such a simple ripple can result in quite a tidal wave of happiness.


Last night, volleyball practice began for my second through fourth-grade players.  Club Serve at Troy United Methodist Church teaches volleyball skills, but also focuses on serving others.  Each practice ends with a homework assignment in the form  of  a service project, one which is geared towards the age of the child.  I laminated homemade business cards with the saying, “I Notice How AWESOME You Are.”  After giving each player a praise card due to his/her amazing participation, effort, and encouragement of one another, I handed out an identical card.  This card is meant to be distributed by the player to someone he/she finds “awesome.”  I offered suggestions:  a sibling, teacher, coach, Grandma, etc.  I added it was okay to leave the card anonymously.  Immediately hands were raised asking some truly thought-provoking questions:

Is it okay to give it to my best friend?  Yes!

What if I took it in my lunch box and gave it to someone at recess?  Yes, as long as it’s okay with your teacher.

Which card should I keep, and which card should I give away?  You choose.

Can we give it to someone right here, on our team?  Yes!

Not ever knowing if an activity is going to be a keeper or a bust, I was thrilled to file this one under “keep.”  I’m looking forward to hearing to whom each player gave a card (part of the homework).  In fact, I was so encouraged by the players’ reaction that I decided to give an employee working in the drive-thru a card this morning while I was purchasing water bottles I had forgotten to pack this morning.  My daughter’s friend giggled and said, “That’s weird.”  You know what?  I’ll take weird.  Weird is good.

Writing Workshop Wednesdays (17)

With Thanksgiving only a day away, I thought an acrostic writing using the word Thanksgiving would be appropriate for this week’s writing prompt.  What I like about acrostic writing is that it helps those creative juices flow by offering direction and, I believe, the finished product can make even the reluctant writer unleash his/her inner poet.

Tears of joy, not pain

Hugs from others, especially the unexpected ones

Answers to prayers

Novels which make me stay up past my bedtime . . .

Kindness from others and to others

Sassy walk as learned on a Girl Scout field trip


Invitations, unexpected and inclusive of all

Volleyball coaching with a dear friend


Nestled under the covers on a chilly night

Gratitude for all that was,all that is, and all that will be

Be sure and SHARE your acrostic writing in the comments section (especially if you are one of my English 111 students).

Sunday Thanks: July 27, 2014

Even with all of life’s ups and downs, I like to take time out each week and reflect on what all I have to be thankful for . . .

VBS Double-Fisting . . . the girls participating in a morning and evening VBS and finding evidence of their learning around the house . . .


Picnicking in the park on a beautiful day.


A heart-to-heart with my pastor . . .

An annual adventure with my squirts. . .

A positive medical report . . .

Much laughter with my buddy at a failed technical attempt . . .

Happy tears at the thought of my family’s summer . . .

My youngest daughter’s excitement over her new haircut . . .



A surprise squeeze from a former volleyball camper . . .

oliviaThe anticipation of a family adventure . . .

For what are YOU thankful?  Share in the comments section.