Writing Workshop Wednesdays (13)

My English 111 students are currently reading what I believe to be two thought-provoking essays:  Nicholas Carr’s “Does the Internet Make You Dumber?” and Sherry Turkle’s “Connectivity and Its Discontents.”  The former argues the Internet “. . . with its constant distractions and interruptions, is also turning us into scattered and superficial [emphasis is mine] thinkers” (Kirszner and Mandell 217).  A further essay written by Alice Mathias entitled “The Fakebook Generation”  characterizes Facebook as an “. . . online community theater”  (229).  So, with this being said and, of course, being biased on the issue, I choose to portray my life in all honesty today with all its struggles, tears, and setbacks.  To me, honesty is what matters and what truly connects us all.

My day started with a “bang” to say the least.  With my youngest on Daisy Pee Pee Duty this morning, she opened the back door to let our newest family member out to do her business.  Before my six-year-old had a chance to open the screen door too, Daisy Duke chose to create an opening of her own.  Now we truly are in need of Hillary Farr from Love It or List It.

screenYes, tears were shed at this reality, but not for the mourning of a screen.  Instead, my laughter resulted in a waterfall of sorts down my cheek.  The expression on my daughter’s face was truly priceless, a snapshot of which will be permanently stored in my memory bank.

So, today share your truth.  I double dare you.