Writing Workshop Wednesdays (12)

Last year a dear friend introduced me to The World Needs More Love Letters, and I absolutely fell in love with the purpose of this site as well as the backstory of this site.  Since then I have incorporated interaction with MoreLoveLetters.com into my English 111 Syllabus as a means of reinforcing the impact of the written word.  So, for today’s Writing Workshop Wednesdays, use this rainy day (if you are in the Midwest) to create and send a letter to a special someone (or two or three . . .) in need of encouragement or praise, but do not sign your name.  The point is to use your words in a positive manner for someone else, not for the purpose of being acknowledged.  Peruse those in need of letters here if you cannot think of a recipient on your own.  If you know of someone in need of a letter, please post in the comments section below.  You truly will be glad you did.


Five Minute Friday: Reach

Reach.  When my family and I were in Cleveland, Ohio, we passed the Tremont neighborhood where three young women were held captive against their wills for years.  The atrocities these human beings had to endure is beyond comprehension.  I wish someone, anyone, could have reached in and stopped this madness from occurring to them.

Years ago, my husband and I, newly wed, rented a small cabin at a state park for the fourth of July weekend.  We were inside our cabin when we could hear loud arguing outside mixed with a child’s crying.  We looked out the window and saw a couple yelling at one another while the female was holding the small child bathed in her own tears.  I remember urging my husband to go outside;  my heart ached for that child.  Understandably, my hub had no desire to walk outside in an attempt to put an end to the fighting.  I have thought about that scene often over the years and wondered about that child.  My hope is she never had to witness that again.  I still to this day regret the fact I did not walk outside.  Perhaps my presence in the nearby area would have stopped the angry words being passed from one another.  A failure to reach beyond my comfort zone . . .

Today, I try and reach others with less qualms.  Perhaps it is due to my age, forty-three, middle-aged, and I can remember all of the missed opportunities to reach.  Maybe it is due to witnessing the death of my father and then facing my own life-threatening disease five years later.  Life passes quickly.  How can I use my own life to reach others?  How can I use my words, at the very least, to encourage others, praise others, and let them know they matter and are loved?


Woman blessing Sarah K. introduced me to The World Needs More Love Letters last year, and I fell in love.  If you haven’t visited this site, do.  The backstory to its existence is honest and inspiring and exemplifies the ability to reach others.

Moved by this site, on a smaller scale, a group of women blessings I know respond to Card Shower Requests through cards, notes, drawings, etc.  If you know of someone needing ANONYMOUS encouragement, praise, congratulations, etc., please e-mail CardShowerRequest@gmail.com.  If you would like to be added to a list of people who sends cards, please e-mail CardShowerRequest@gmail.comReach.