Five Minute Friday: Visit

Visit.  When I think of the word visit, I think of my friend of 12+ years, Lisa.  I met her through the hub, as her hub and my hub used to attend graduate school together.

Our first meeting was at a Chinese buffet in Champaign, IL.  She had recently given birth to their first baby girl, Miss Olivia.  What I remember about that first meeting is Lisa’s beautiful red hair and how calm and collected she was handling a newborn while eating her dinner.

Over the years, she, her hub, and their now three children have visited my family often, and our friendship has flourished.  Besides tasting levee-high pies together and attending a local “luau” (in Illinois) together, we have shared our hearts with one another.  During several visits, she generously answered my many questions about her faith and theology in general.  This is a woman of great belief as I have learned over the years.  Repeatedly, she turns to the Lord in times of sorrow, worry, and thankfulness, truly unwavering in her connection with her God.

Recently Lisa sent me a picture of a cake creation she made for a friend.  A stay-at-home mother who homeschools her children, Lisa’s talents often always leave me with a sense of awe and renewed motivation;  I can never wrap my head around how she does all she does.

Despite her multifaceted expertise, Lisa’s response to my “oohs” and “aahs” over her latest creation was, “All from God.”  Visit.