Teacher Beware

Charlotte Raine’s Teacher Beware is a a thriller/romance which revolves around the lives of a substitute teacher, Grace, and a cardiologist, Sam, who meet while witnessing a double murder.  Inevitably, these two find they have much more in common than simply the blood splattered on their clothes.

Grace, a recent resident of Murray, Virginia, is looking for a fresh start after a traumatic life event while Sam chooses to remain private in the hopes of protecting himself so as not to be hurt again, as he was growing up, by those whom were supposed to love him the most.  Sam himself expresses this reality, “I think about . . . my own obstacles in life.  I think about how scars shows [sic] someone who has lived thoroughly.  It shows someone who saw his or her worst fears and kept pushing forward”  (267-268).

Thus, I think the potential for deep characterization was there, but further development was needed in order for the reader to fully comprehend their unique situations and motivations as in the case with Deke, the troubled youth in the book.  As I would tell my students, slow down and take your time for fully developed second-order writing or MORE! MORE! MORE! written across the page.

In addition, a more thorough editing is needed throughout as there were abundant split infinitives (please, Peeps, do not let “not” separate to + verb), a subject/verb agreement error as noted above, and pronoun reference errors as in “Whenever I look at human [sic], I imagine their heart . . .”  (63).

If reading Teacher Beware for a book club, a selection of finger foods is preferred as an avoidance of the use of knives is a must.