Five Minute Friday: When

When.  The hub and I gifted our girls with miniature porcelain tea sets for Valentine’s Day.  Found at the grocery store for $3.99/set, it was a deal I couldn’t pass on . . .  I remember wanting a set like this as a little girl, but it seems to me these delicate teacups and saucers were not affordable then as they are now.

I have to admit I wasn’t sure how they would react to these fragile gifts;  I was taking a gamble.  My girls like their crafts and stuffed animals.

To my delight, they were thrilled with these tea sets and immediately hosted party after party for Miss Piggy, each other, and Barbie.  I was fortunate enough to be invited this morning where I was told to say “when” when the proper amount of cream had been poured into my cup.

IMG_1615Not wanting this moment with my girls to end, I reluctantly uttered the word, “When.”  When.

Psalm 23:5:  ” . . . my cup runneth over.”