Book Club Babes: Flat Stanley

Book Club Babes met today at the St. Louis Art Museum in order to discuss Miss Ava’s selection of Flat Stanley’s Worldwide Adventures 2: The Great Egyptian Grave Robbery.  The St. Louis Art Museum has a vast collection entitled the Art of Ancient Egypt which directly relates to our reading, and the admission is FREE.


The evening before our visit to the museum, I tried to convince my Book Club Babe daughter to sleep underneath our bulletin board much like Flat Stanley, but she refused for fear of being flattened.  My youngest daughter did give it a try, though, with no flattening success.


Arriving at the museum, the girls had a mission to find the mummies minus any assistance from an accompanying adult since Flat Stanley had a similar mission to discover the location of hidden treasures deep within a pyramid.  The girls were up for the challenge.  Maps were gathered from the information booth, and memories of previous visits were accessed.  Thus, the girls led the way.  Eventually, they sought out the assistance of a docent (on their own) when collection 130 could not be found.  They were so close.

After investigation of the mummies, Miss Grace, a fellow Book Club Babe, explained the purposes of the canopic jars as well as the meaning behind the hieroglyphics. Woowee!  She had read about Egypt on her own in preparation for discussion.


Looking at the various statues, the girls mimicked their poses and then flattened against the wall much like Flat Stanley did in the book in order to deceive the robbers.  From there, a lively discussion ensued with reader-generated questions from the girls.

Much was yet to be explored at the St. Louis Art Museum.  Pictures were taken, alarms were triggered (only twice), and an artist was found replicating a painting.  She was kind enough to explain the brushstrokes to us and entertain our guesses as to how long she had been painting said piece.  The Book Club Babes guessed two years;  she had been working a mere twelve hours.

So looking forward to our next discussion of Miss Corinna’s selection of Junie B. Jones and that Meanie Jim’s Birthday.