Five Minute Friday: Keep

Keep.  The hub and I originally met online.  We were both on this now defunct dating site at the same time during a two-week free trial.  We like free.

On our first date, we met for lunch and then played 18 holes of golf in what I think had to be 150 degree weather.  When he put his arm around me while we were riding in the golf cart, I thought I would melt not only from the heat, but also from embarrassment;  I knew there was no way my antiperspirant had maintained the fresh feminine floral scent.

After golf we went to Blockbuster (when there still were Blockbusters) and selected a movie to watch while eating our favorite deep dish pizza from Papa Del’s.  Six months later we were married.

On our first anniversary with not much money, we exchanged cards.  When I opened mine, there taped to the inside of the card was the most heartfelt gift I have ever received (next to my two girls), the Blockbuster receipt from our first date.  Keep.