Five Minute Friday: Long

Long.  “The days are long, but the years are short,” was a saying I heard often while at home with my two squirts both under the age of three.  Looking back, there was so much truth to this saying.  Juggling two kiddos’ sleep schedules with one having feedings every three hours and the other with three hour naps in the afternoon, I now realize I was awake far more hours than I was asleep;  the days were definitely long.  Now, though, with both girls above the age of five, those long days seemed to have passed in a flash.  Having a wall of pictures in our house, I relive those long days daily through my memory, but often wish those days were still here.


During one of those long days, I met a woman who changed the meaning of those long, sometimes lonely days.  With her two children being the same age as mine, we filled these long days with a lot of laughter and continue to do so to this day.  I am grateful for her in my life, and on this day, her birthday, I wish her a long life filled with much love.