Brendan Madden

Why do you write?: I write because I can put all of my feelings onto one paper.  I enjoy expressing myself and my indifferent feelings.  In writing I am able to say whatever I want and writing also helps me reflect on my life, especially when I write about past experiences like when I nearly burnt a building down to the ground.  I learn from writing every time I write.

Describe where you write.: I write in a quiet place, usually on my desk in my room.

Who or what is your muse?: My muse is usually my teacher and the audience whom is going to read my paper.

Three wishes . . .: If I had three wishes, my first wish would be to be happy in my life.   My second wish would be to know what my future holds so that I do not have to worry in my life as much.  My third wish would be for the safety of my family because I care deeply about my family.

Favorite childhood book, and why?: My favorite childhood book is Harry Potter, because Harry Potter is so intense and it has several books in the series.

Explain when is your ideal time to write.: My ideal time to write is when I'm by myself and when it is dark, cold, or rainy outside.  This is because I love being outdoors.  I write usually at night.

Name a book you would reread again and again, and why.: I would reread Harry Potter because I absolutely love the Harry Potter book series and it never gets old.

E-book or print? Why?: I prefer print because I am old fashioned and I do not like technology much and I feel like I would get easily distracted while using an E-book

Favorite magazine, and why?: My favorite magazine is Sports Illustrated because I love sports and I love to follow everything that is happening in the sports world.

What would you like readers to take away from your writing?: I would like readers to take away my creativeness and what I'm writing about as a whole and get something out of that.