Chase Yamin

Why do you write?:  I write because I am a college student who is seeking a degree. So writing is a must in order for me not to fail.

Describe where you write.:  My desk in my dorm room

Who or what is your muse?:  Hip-Hop

Three wishes . . .:  Receive a million dollars a year for the rest of my life, to be a professional powerlifter, and to have healthy children.

Favorite childhood book, and why?:  Green Eggs and Ham, because it was so simple yet so genius.

Explain when is your ideal time to write.:  At about 7 in the evening

Name a book you would reread again and again, and why.:  The Giving Tree because it teaches a great moral at a reading level for a child. I would be able to memorize the book eventually and instill some food for knowledge in my children’s skulls.

E-book or print? Why?:  Print, I like having something tangible in my possession

Favorite magazine, and why?:  ESPN Magazine because it keeps me up on all the sports I watch.

What would you like readers to take away from your writing?:  That I am a very insightful writer who takes figurative language into consideration in every single piece of literature I compose.