Top Secret [to Me] Twenty-One

I know it’s hard to believe, but I missed the release of Janet Evanovich’s Top Secret Twenty-One.  My fellow And Then There Were Two book club member, Sarah, usually keeps me up to date about the Evanovich series.  One Christmas vacation (we’re both teachers), we stayed up until all hours of the night passing books 1-8 back and forth sending our hubs out in the cold to make a drop or a pick-up.  When I sent her a picture of this novel via text, she replied, “Had no idea!  Buy it for us,”  so I did, and, hey, it was 30% off.


A solid story involving Stephanie and Lula apprehending criminals who have skipped bail which then leads to a murder mystery carries this novel throughout, but AGAIN, where are Ranger and Morelli, and why are they afterthoughts?  Or, to rephrase, where are the juicy parts already?



PLENTY of Morelli ↓

PLENTY of Ranger ⇓

So, with this being written, if you are in the habit of having food with your book club, look no further than page 83 for assistance, “. . . half a cow . . . a mound of mashed potatoes and four green beans . . . [with] gravy poured over everything.”  For dessert, definitely a chocolate cake even Briggs could not refuse.

Of course, I will anxiously await number twenty-two in the Stephanie Plum series with the hope of it being saturated with the two alpha males in Plum’s life.