Five Minute Friday: Family

The other day my sister from another mister gave my daughter’s Girl Scout troop the assignment of writing a haiku, a three-line poem which comprises five syllables in the first line, three syllables in the second line, and five syllables in the concluding line.  She so enjoyed this assignment that I thought I would give it a try for this week’s Five Minute Friday with the prompt, Family.


Therefore encourage

each other

. . . build each other up.

-1 Thessalonians 5:11

A favorite Bible verse of a dear friend and the current Beth Moore Bible study at our church, I believe 1 Thessalonians 5:11 defines Family in a nutshell.  These people whom encourage and build others up are the people I call Family in my own life.

Image found at What a cool super power for which to strive.

Five Minute Friday: Gather

Gather.  I had lunch today with a salt-of-the-earth, wise-beyond-her-years woman blessing today.  Whenever I am with her, we are able to talk about issues and share ideas with one another.

In essence, when we gather, I benefit from FREE counseling, FREE motivational sessions, FREE theological lessons, and FREE love, no conditions whatsoever, to name just a few of the FREEBIES.

Thus, Toni Morrison’s quotation came to mind . . .


Five Minute Friday: Open

Open.  This past Friday I scurried to the store in order to gather groceries before the impending freezing rain.  The temperature outside seemed to chill me to the bone.  A breast cancer warrior, my thoughts were, “If I had real nipples, they would be piercing through my winter coat at this time.”  Then I thought I need to text that to my BFF/partner in crime/cheerleader/sounding board/lifeline.  Yes, immature beyond a shadow of a doubt, but this is how we roll.

Fast forward to my return home and my retrieval of the mail.  As I lowered the plastic black door, I spied a rectangular piece of correspondence addressed to none other than “Tits McGee,” and I could not help but smile one of those smiles that borders on painful due to its width.  This, I knew, had to be a “small package” (what I consider snail mail) from the same woman who said without hesitation, “Cansah Schmansah,” when I told her of my diagnosis.


The real joy came in the form of tears as I opened this card, for inside was the inscription, You’re the sister I always wanted.  Open.

Five Minute Friday: When

When.  The hub and I gifted our girls with miniature porcelain tea sets for Valentine’s Day.  Found at the grocery store for $3.99/set, it was a deal I couldn’t pass on . . .  I remember wanting a set like this as a little girl, but it seems to me these delicate teacups and saucers were not affordable then as they are now.

I have to admit I wasn’t sure how they would react to these fragile gifts;  I was taking a gamble.  My girls like their crafts and stuffed animals.

To my delight, they were thrilled with these tea sets and immediately hosted party after party for Miss Piggy, each other, and Barbie.  I was fortunate enough to be invited this morning where I was told to say “when” when the proper amount of cream had been poured into my cup.

IMG_1615Not wanting this moment with my girls to end, I reluctantly uttered the word, “When.”  When.

Psalm 23:5:  ” . . . my cup runneth over.”