Austin Carter

Why do you write?: I write because I feel that I can emotionally affect someone through words rather than showing them a course of action. Also because I have to take an English course.

Describe where you write.: When I typically write I lay down in my bed. This is where most of my dreams happen, so why not write something amazing where inspiring dreams take place.

Who or what is your muse?: My muse would be the fact that if I don’t write I will receive a bad grade. I think that’s enough motivation for anyone to sit down and write something amazing.

Three wishes . . .: I wish to have a loving family, one that sticks together through every trial and tribulation. Second, I would love to have someone to love and to be faithful towards, a beautiful wife that appreciates and respects my dreams and aspirations, thirdly I would love to play golf for a living, since you can make a good living playing on the PGA Tour, why not do what you love.

Favorite childhood book, and why?: My favorite childhood book would be the Berentsein Bears series of books, mostly because it was the first series of books I could read.

Explain when is your ideal time to write.: My ideal time to write would be, whenever I have time to write. It should mostly be quiet filled with contemporary rock or acoustic guitar music. No words, just melodies.

Name a book you would reread again and again, and why.: The Big Miss by Hank Haney is a book that I could read over and over again. This book gives insight on what it was like to be Tiger Woods’s swing coach. It reveals what Tiger Woods is actually like as a person. Which I have experienced firsthand before. When I was at Bay Hill as a child, I had asked Tiger for his autograph and he blatantly ignored me as he walked on by.

E-book or print? Why?: This is a difficult question, I do not have a specific preference because I do not like to read. Only if the subject pertains to me personally.

Favorite magazine, and why?: The Golf Digest is my favorite magazine. If you did not know me already you should’ve known.

What would you like readers to take away from your writing?: I would like them to make sure they appreciate the chances that they are presented with because you never know what will happen so do not take certain moments for granted.