Get Your BBQ on at Beast Craft BBQ Co.

Reading through the Belleville News-Democrat last weekend, I came across a mouth-watering article by Teri Maddox about Beast Craft BBQ located at 20 South Belt West in Belleville, IL.  With my hub and now girls being lovers of bar-b-que, I knew we needed to taste for ourselves.

Although breakfast is offered on the weekends at Beast Craft BBQ, we knew we wanted to first try their lunch menu.  Arriving ten minutes before lunch, we anxiously awaited the kraft paper menu change on the board by the owner David Sandusky.  As we read the menu which changes daily, the people in line behind us grew and grew and grew.


Having read about the roasted Brussels sprouts with pork belly prior to our visit, I was like a kiddo in the candy shop when I saw it was offered on today’s menu.  The hub also opted for the sprouts as one of his two sides to accompany his entree entitled, Well-Fed Beast, a platter consisting of pulled pork, kielbasa, rib tips, and brisket.  Our two young girls ordered the ribs with hand-cut French fries and one chose a banana as her second side while the other chose blueberry yogurt.  Yum!

For my oldest daughter, this was actually her first attempt at eating ribs.  Her reaction, “They [the ribs] are much better than chicken legs!” and, believe me, she loves her chicken legs.


Although there was a wait, the friendly staff repeatedly checked in on us.  My oldest urged me to ask if their sauce, a beautiful near transparent blend, was for sale as we dreamed of making sauced meatloaves and chickens at home.  Not yet, we were told, but hopefully coming soon.  Besides the breakfast menu option on weekends, the sauce alone is enough reason for us to visit again sooner rather than later.