Five Minute Friday: Tomorrow

Tomorrow.¬† When I think of the word tomorrow, I can’t help but think of the song from the musical Annie whose title happens to be Tomorrow with the lyrics, “The sun will come out tomorrow . . .”

Sometimes when I am right in the midst of disheartening news where the core of my belly hurts from such sorrow, I can’t imagine there being a sunnier tomorrow¬†. . . not ever.

Yet, miraculously laughter comes, and joy fills the void.


The cycles of life are inevitable and come with each tomorrow (my brain knows this), yet watching the spark dim from a loved one’s life can seem far too much to bear (my heart feels this).

Gratefully, though, a woman blessing of great faith sent me this quote:

God wouldn’t have allowed it unless He had a purpose.¬† Don’t just go through it- grow through it.

I have read the above several times over, and I intend to keep these words close to me today as well as every tomorrow.