The 1820 Colonel Benjamin Stephenson House

The Brownies and Their Pow Wow at Cahokia Mounds

The Girl Scouts Take on the Magic House and Win

Get Your BBQ on at Beast Craft BBQ Co.

CrEATe in Old Webster

Bras, Brooches, and Beads

Daisies Donate to the Dogs (and Cats) of MEHS

On Frozen Socks:  Backpacking Reflections on Wild and A Walk in the Woods

Daisy Meets the Dog Park

The Addams Family

Book Club Babes:  Flat Stanley

Play and Pie in Terre Haute

Sweat and the Sweat Lodge

A Pretzel before Playing at City Garden

Boobs, Bobby, Books, Burgers, and Brownie Bites


Afterwords Acquisitions

Looking Glass Playhouse’s The Diary of Anne Frank

Forgiving our Fathers and Mothers

We said YES

STARS with Dogs, Daisies, and Brownies

Teaching Compare/Contrast with The Little Mermaid

A Day with DaVinci

I Dined out for the Cure and Then Some

Library Love

Babies, Birthdays, Books, and Broadway Bound

Create in the Central West End

Night at the Museum

Farm to Table Field Trips Part 2- Day Tours Rock

Farm to Table Field Trips Part 1- Happy Dairy Month!

Harry Potters Meets the Girl Scouts

Reading Camp Finale!

Reading Camp Rocks- Week 2

Reading Camp Rocks- Week 1

Experiencing Tuesdays with Morrie

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