Writing Workshop Wednesdays (28)

The other day I was talking with a friend, and we agreed we weren’t sure what we wanted to be when we grew up.  She has been a page, paralegal, marketing consultant at one of the most well-known golf courses in the country, and a dog walker.  I have been a page, pool guard, coach, and teacher.

If you could be anything, regardless of schooling or experience, what would you be when you grew up?

Writing Workshop Wednesdays (27)

My friend Catherine and I are taking a Soul Collage course together.  She, too, is a fellow breast cancer warrior.  Our instructor was explaining how obstacles in our lives inevitably set us on the right path.


On the ride home after class, I was thinking how grateful I am to have met Catherine, and if not for the cancer, I probably never would have met her.  If not for Catherine, I may not have laughed great belly laughs while participating in a book study with her, may not have discovered Schranz Park, may not have decoupaged at COCA, and may not have introduced myself using a picture which called to me from a magazine.

So, for this Writing Workshop Wednesdays, consider an obstacle in your life and then explain how it eventually led to a blessing in your life.

Writing Workshop Wednesdays (26)

While in a waiting room yesterday, I caught the tail end of the Dr. Phil show focused on cyber bullying.  Apparently the parents on the show had a child who was being bullied through the Internet which resulted in the suicide of said child.

As a victim of adult cyber bullying, I know how hurtful messaged words can be.  I can only imagine the magnitude of this hurt on an adolescent.

Observing those seated yesterday in various stages of disease and worry, my thoughts always return to the power of our words if used in a POSITIVE manner.

Since I am usually a difficult stick and walk out with numerous needle holes when blood is taken or i.v.s are put in, I was grateful at the solo stick yesterday.  Wanting to thank my nurse, I handed her the card pictured above.  A card similar to this was given to me by woman blesssing Sarah K. (whom introduces me to some of the coolest stuff), and it completely made my day week month.

So, for this season of love, how do you plan to use your words for the better?

*This post dedicated to the amazing Nurse Jenny.

Writing Workshop Wednesdays (25)

The other night I attended a talk by Keith Edwards, Campus Speaker and Educator, at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, home of the e, at the invitation of woman blessing Sarah K.  An informative, engaging speaker, Edwards stressed the importance of a proactive approach to rape versus simply a reactive stance whereas the former demands an end to rape and the latter assumes the inevitable existence of rape.  Brilliant.

During his presentation, Edwards outlined the definition of informed consent, a term which should be a staple in everyone’s vocabulary.

So, for today’s Writing Workshop Wednesdays, define informed consent.  If this term is unfamiliar to you in regards to sexual activity, take the time and do your research and then share this meaning with others.  Take the proactive approach.

Writing Workshop Wednesdays (24)

At a Soul Collage workshop, the facilitator had us, the participants, write “Resilience” at the top of our journal pages and then write nonstop, pen to paper, for two minutes.  We then had the option of sharing, and the result was some heartfelt writing on the page.

So, for this Writing Workshop Wednesdays, write “Resilience” at the top of your page and then set your timer for two minutes.  Write continuously never allowing your pen to leave the page.  You might be amazed at how your writing may reveal how resilient you truly are.

Writing Workshop Wednesdays (23)

Due to my current vision problems, the hub and I had a deep discussion (as we often do) about whether, if given the choice, would we choose to lose our sight or our hearing.  Weighing the options, we both unanimously agreed we would choose to keep our sight so that we wouldn’t miss one minute of seeing our girls blossom into young women, watching the change of the seasons, discovering new wrinkles on each others’ faces, and reading the written word.

So, for this Writing Workshop Wednesday, which sense would you choose: sight or hearing, and why?

Writing Workshop Wednesdays (22)

Reading the acknowledgement page of my daughter’s book club book, Three Times Lucky, the author, Sheila Turnage thanks her parents for instilling in her the love of reading.

Thinking of my own love of reading and wondering when it developed, I remember being so excited for library day in elementary school.  There was what I remember to be a structure known as The Pit which we, the students, basically fought one another for in order to claim the ideal spot.  We were even allowed to drape our legs over the back of the structure if we wanted which, at the time, seemed so scandalous.  Now I think if I attempted to sit on The Pit, I don’t think I would be able to walk right for a week;  padding was definitely not a component of The Pit.  The librarian (aaah, when all school libraries employed librarians) would read us stories in The Pit much to our delight, and then ultimately a uniform groan would rise from The Pit when our teacher told us it was time to return to class.  I can still feel the disappointment of quality storytelling coming to an end.

So, for today’s Writing Workshop Wednesday, who or what instilled your love of reading?

Writing Workshop Wednesdays (21)

My squirts have what we like to refer to as a Temperature Day from school.  Due to the extreme wind chills, school was cancelled in their district.  Woooweeeee!  Okay, I think I am even more excited about this news than they were.  So far, we have baked, read, watched cartoons, couponed, played, put chairs out for the Salvation Army, picked up the latest Daisy Duke destruction (think it was my anniversary note from the hub), and vacuumed.

How would you spend your Temperature Day?