M.J. Rose’s Seduction Book Club

Wondering if those eerie feelings of deja vu could possibly mean anything?  Then, M.J. Rose’s Seduction is the novel for you.  With portions based on the biography of one of the famous literary figures in France, Victor Hugo, one may never look at a Ouija Board the same way again after navigating through this complex storyline of connected characters spanning various timeframes.  Thus, a reader of this fiction may find a quiet escape, by the sea no less, the perfect setting in which to read.

Interestingly enough this piece of fiction was written entirely in chirography which did not hamper her manipulation of words for the purpose of vivid descriptions one scintilla:

I’d only seen you two or three times but had been acutely aware of your sadness.  You wore it like a frock.  It clouded your eyes, turning the blue sky to gray.  Even the scent that lingered in a room after you’d left it reminded me of grief.  It was the fragrance of flowers past bloom in their death throes (52) . . .

These giant hulking rocks have stood here for all time, seen all things, watched silently as men used them for shelter, religious rituals, burials, for crimes, trysts, for hiding places.  (218)

Simile and personification at its finest . . .

For the purposes of book club, Rose offers recipes as well as suggested background music here.  Furthermore, your club may even wish to invite Rose to your discussion virtually via Skype, a reader’s dream come true.

With a Luggage Full of Hopes

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After months of waiting, the big day has arrived. Monday 13/01/2014 was my first day of college ever. I am from Italy, so the emotion, but also the concern was high. I was enthusiastic, but at the same time nervous because I did not know what to expect from a new method of teaching, if it would fit for me, and if I would be able to understand the professors. So the night before, I did not sleep a lot. As usual, in this situation, I fall asleep just a few hours before I have to wake. The same happened that night. 
Alarm clock, punctual rang at 7:55 A.M. Like a cat I jumped out of bed and I went to the bathroom. After 20 minutes I was ready to face the day. Walking on the campus for the first time was amazing. After 2 minutes I was in the dining hall to have my first breakfast as a college student. I took some cereals with milk because in addition to being a student, I will be a member of the university soccer team. So I have to keep the form. Anyway, after I finished breakfast, I kept on walking on the campus to reach my first class. In the meantime I was more entranced and less worried. 
I did not take a lot of time to find the class and 5-10 minutes before the class started, I was inside. At 9:00 o’clock the professor arrived. During her first lesson, she began to know us, and for the rest of the hour she explained to us what we would do during the semester with her. I can say I had a good impression of her. Moreover, at the end of the class, knowing that I am Italian, she stopped to talk with me 5 minutes, asking me how it is going so far, and if I had had troubles during her speeches, I could have stopped her during lessons. Really friendly and gentle. I said good bye to the teacher; I set out for the next class quickly trying to understand where to go. Finally, I arrived to the place where I had to stay. 
This was my second and last class of the day. The professor of this second class seemed to me respectable person and well prepared to explain his subject. As the first professor, he introduced himself to us and talked about the main purpose of the class. I have to say that both classes I have attended include great guys and great professors. So I was and I am much satisfied about that. 
After my classes concluded, I went to eat at the cafeteria with some friends of mine. At the end of it, I updated my parents about my first day calling them by Skype and then I called my Italian friends. It is always stunning to talk with them for the help and the encouragement that they give to me. At 16:30 P.M. I had a medical exam to play soccer with many documents to fill in and sign. The exam was positive for me and in fact I was happy to have the possibility to practice with the team. Later I decided to spend some time in the game room playing pool, tennis table and watching some NCAA basketball games. Then I visited the soccer field and I was really impressed by that. An incredible stadium, I cannot wait to play official games there. At 6:30 P.M. I had lunch and at 7:00 finally I was ready to have my deserved relaxation. In that spare time, I surfed the net reading some sport news and watching soccer games. 
At the end of day, exhausted, I went to sleep. In conclusion I can say that it was a strange day for me, plenty of different emotions and in general, I know, it will not be easy here due to the different culture and the different language between my country and this country, but I guess it will be a fantastic experience studying in the States because this one, in addition to giving me the opportunity to earn a degree, will give me a bigger opportunity to grow as a man. 
By Giampaolo de Silva 
I’m from Naples, Italy, and I study and play soccer at McKendree University.