A Space of Her Own

Inspired by Virginia Woolf’s quote, “A woman must have . . . a room of her own,” (she was one cool cat) as well as the magazine Where Women Create (wish they had monthly issues; salivating just thinking about the possibility) I have been on a mission to find this room of my own within my own house.  Seeing the walk-in closet in our master bedroom as a viable option, the hub vetoed it with, “Where we will put our clothes?!”  Ugh . . . sometimes he can be such a downer.

I tried a corner in our main living space by a window for several years, but the intense light from the window made for an overheated laptop, and eventually my desk became a dumping ground when we needed to pick items up off of the floor in order to vacuum.  Little People climbing Mt. Essays Needing to be Graded did not make for a creative, organized space.

Thus, my recent find for a space of my own is a nook in our breakfast area.  Flooded with light but not intense glaring sun, I can see while I type without having to wear sunglasses or strip down to my birthday suit (I am always HOT). 

Since there is no room for a wall of bookshelves, my ultimate fantasy, I scored a mail sorter at a garage sale for $5.  Eureka!  I spray-painted it to match my $15 teacher’s desk find at a school sale, and A Space of Her Own was established.

I then wondered where do other women create, so I asked my friends.  Women blessings Deb E. and Beth M./@BMiramonti shared their spaces with me. . .

I want to nap in Beth’s hammock.

A partner for Beth to cuddle up with in order to spark those creative juices.

Notice Deb’s organization.  Aaaah!

Love the cards Deb creates!

Where is YOUR space of your own?  I would love to hear about in the comments section below to garner some ideas, and, more importantly, I would love to see it.  Tweet your pic to @authorgroupie (unless you can figure out a way to leave a pic in the comments section)! 

Easter Egg Dresser

I have spent the last couple of days feeding my addiction . . . not to books, but to furniture ReHAB.  My latest score, a dresser, came from the shed of my BFF’s dad.  

With a good solid foundation, all I needed to do was select my spray paint colors.  Thus, an Easter egg became my inspiration.