Eat, Read, Pray: Ann VosKamp’s One Thousand Gifts Final

For the final discussion over Ann VosKamp’s One Thousand Gifts, a Friendly Final Exam over the entirety of the book will be distributed in order to be completed with a partner.  

Friendly Final Exam
Ann VosKamp’s One Thousand Gifts
  1. What was the title of the book you were supposed to have read?
  1. Who is the author of the above book?
  1. Why were you asked to record your thanksgivings in a journal?
  1. Define eucharisteo.
  1. Give an example of ugly/beautiful.
  1. List the names of the other people in the room.
  1. Humility comes from the Latin root humus– the kind of earth that grows ____________ crops.
  1. . . . God asks me to give thanks in all things, because He knows that the ______________ of joy begins in the _______________ of thanksgiving.”
  1. Only _____________ can kill joy.”
  1. I slept and dreamt life was joy, I awoke and saw life was service, I acted and, behold, ___________ was __________.”
  1. Enter into his gates with ____________________ , and into his courts with _______________: be ________________ unto him, and _____________ his name.” (Psalm 100:4 KJV)
Extra Credit: What was thanksgiving #362?
While working on the “exam,”  members may snack on “Nests Filled with Eggs,” which are simply peanut butter chews scooped into cupcake tins and then shaped into nests.  Once cool, fill the nests with eggs, candy-coated almonds.
For the intentional activity of joy, make use of your local prayer labyrinth if possible.  Walking the circular path while giving thanks at each stone will not only nourish the soul, but also burn those extra calories from the “Nests Filled with Eggs” snack.