McKendree Women’s Wrestling Meets the Girl Scouts

Proud of the fact Women’s Wrestling is in its first year at McKendree University under the leadership of Coach Sam Schmitz, I knew I wanted to introduce the two female wrestlers, Miss Leila and Miss Olivia, in my English 111 class to my two Girl Scout troops.  Exposing our Brownies and Daisies to women of empowerment is high on the priority list for my co-leader, Sarah Bohnenstiehl, and myself;  for, girls can do anything.  

Unfortunately, on the day scheduled for the two wrestlers to teach us some wrestling moves, Miss Olivia broke her arm while in practice.  So, Miss Leila was in charge of instructing roughly 20+ girls.  Of course, my two daughters were on cloud nine being able to talk with Miss Leila, “an actual wrestler,” on the way to the Girl Scout meeting and pretty much monopolized her time.

Upon arriving at the meeting, the girls outfitted her in a crown (as she was guest of honor) for our Thanksgiving feast.  Come to find out, though, she was attempting to make weight, so was unable to gorge with us at the time.

Once adequate protein and carbs had been ingested by the kindergarteners and second graders, Miss Leila went to work.  The Girl Scouts learned how to engage in a proper stance, how to grab their opponents’ opposite knees, and how to adjust their opponents’ shoulders for proper domination.

Miss Leila had the honor of holding the flag during the Pledge of Allegiance and then joined us in Little Sally Walker and the Circle Hug for our close to the evening.  

Perhaps, a wrestling workshop or camp for young girls will be in these Girl Scouts near future.  On my honor, I will try . . . to make it happen.