Love Dare Days 2-4

     Busy with my oldest squirt soon graduating preschool, I have, though, been keeping The Love Dare at the top of my “must-read” pile on my nightstand.  Keeping Day 1, patience, repeatedly at the front of my mind, I simply nodded agreeably when the hub told me as he was walking out the door for work that the air conditioner was broken, and I needed to call someone.  Realizing why I woke in a pool of sweat, I made the call and waited patiently in 90 degree weather with two preschoolers wearing their fussy pants.
     Day 2, love is kind, asks the reader to perform a random act of kindness towards his/her spouse.  Thus, I decided to mow and weed whack the lawn for my beloved in 92 degree weather.  As fate would have it, my mother was in town and able to occupy my two squirts, so I was able to complete the task before the hub returned from work.  Working in the peak heat of the day, the task was complete, but I was soon sitting with my head between my too pale legs and cool washcloths on the back of my neck. 
     Continuing on to the next dare, I am instructed to make a purchase for my spouse that translates to, “I was thinking of you today.”  This is a challenge.  My hub has no desire for material things.  He enjoys playing the electric guitar, but I am musically illiterate, so a purchase in that department was out of the question.  Stumped. . .  As luck would have it, though, I decided to peruse the grocery aisle of the local farm supply store.  To my delight, I spied some “Hanky Panky” (honestly, printed on the package) chocolate drizzle caramel corn with peanuts.  Score 1 for me!  As I made a beeline for the check-out, I spotted green apple, a favorite flavor of the hub, licorice.  At this point, I was doing the happy dance on the inside, and I’m sure the young lady checking me out wondered what the deal was with my goofy smile. 
     Finally, Day 4, love is thoughtful.  On a roll, I e-mail the hub the following sweet nothing, “Today, I love you.”  Not . . . “What is your e.t.a. for arriving home because the kiddos have gone wild?” . . . not “Hurry!” . . .  not “The humanity . . . ,” but instead a line that summarizes my heart.

Excuse Me, Your Fingers Are Resting in My Drink

     “Excuse me, your fingers are resting in my drink,” is probably what I should have said when I observed with shock, intrigue, and finally uncontrollable laughter as the man seated in front of me at the baseball game was allowing his fingers to do the walking in my iced beverage.  The afternoon heat was stifling even though my friend,  the ticket purchaser,  assured all of us girls that we were to be seated in the shade.  Now that I think of it, I don’t believe shade exists at Busch Stadium.  In all honestly, the imitation spanx I was wearing underneath my t-shirt was probably not helping matters in the temperature department.  Anyway, the man one row ahead did the exaggerated yawn move and then stretched his arm across the back of his date’s shoulders.  The problem herein is when he then let his fingers simply drop off the back of the chair.  These fingers in question immediately found refuge in my salted- rim margarita to which I had only enjoyed two sips.  What comes next is the intrigue.  Instead of instant recognition of the error of his ways, he allowed his pointing and middle fingers to bask in the coolness of the pale-green liquid.  My eyes were now glued to this finger-drama unfolding in front of me, and I was unable to turn away.  After what seemed like minutes, he finally lifted his fingers from the scene of the crime only to rub his finger pads together- in an attempt to remove the salt- in my full line of vision.  Sitting a little straighter in my seat awaiting an offer of a replacement drink (to which I would have waved away) or an apology at the least, he leaned close to the woman next to him and whispered into her ear.  I don’t believe the verbiage in question included romantic overtures because both sets of shoulders in front of me began shaking.  They were giggling like schoolkids at my thirst’s expense, and I was finding this behavior quite contagious.  I then told the tale in a soft voice to my buddies on either side of me, and the laughter found root and spread. 
     Keeping in mind The Love Dare’s theme of Day 1, patience, I am so grateful this was in the back of my mind.  Allowing events to unfold without interruptions resulted in an entertaining, unforgettable minuet.

All we need is a little patience . . .

     Yesterday was one of those days which would have gone a lot better if I could have stayed in bed all day.  Having two squirts eliminated this as an option unfortunately.  A highlight of the day . . .  I thought I would be not only politically correct by purchasing the glass bottle of milk versus the plastic jug, but also fulfilling my aspirations of being an extreme “couponer” because the sign flying proudly in front of the product read that I could return empty bottles to customer service for $1.50 refund.  Thus, the advertisement effectively lured me in and captured my attention.  Beaming with eco-friendly pride, I proceeded to the check-out with a restless three-year-old in tow.   Attempting to occupy the preschooler, I had her assist me in placing the items on the conveyor belt, yet I sensed trouble loomed 5 feet in front of me.  The man ahead of me in the process of checking out received troubling news that the cash register had gone blank.  The checker requested help, and the manager attempted to remedy the problem by removing a panel and crawling beneath the register.  Beads of sweat began to form on my forehead as I realized I had limited time- we were due to pick my other child up from preschool.  I decided to break grocery shopping etiquette by quickly dumping my breakfast sausages, Cardinals purse (impulse purchase, but too cute), prized milk, and the like back into the cart and made a beeline for the 20 items or less checker. Knowing I could not conceal my overflowing cart, I opted to plead with the checker for the sake of my child needing to be picked up from school.  Checker sympathy ensued, and I was soon loading eco-unfriendly plastic bags (left the reusable ones in the car) into the trunk.  Despite the obstacles, we arrived safely at home where I hurriedly began to carry bags inside.  As if deemed inevitable by fate, the plastic bag housing the glass bottle of milk tore and, literally, milk was spilt all over my garage floor.  Determined to make lemonade of lemons, or in this case, rising above the loss of $1.50 refund, I sopped up the white liquid with sheet after sheet of paper towels knowing I single-handedly hurt the environment probably more so due to my failed attempts to save it.
      However, with yesterday coming to a close, I nearly tripped on a book jutting out from beneath my  bed.  Retrieving the dusty piece from the floor, I realized I bought The Love Dare, a 40-day challenge for husbands and wives to understand and practice unconditional love, with honest intentions, but failed to read and participate in its journey.  Opening to page 1, I see Day 1 reminds us that love is patient.  An appropriate theme given yesterday’s events.  Follow and share with me in this challenge, but, “Shhhhhhh!  Don’t tell my hub!”  The Love Dare