Eat, Read, Pray Book Club: Ann VosKamp’s One Thousand Gifts Part 3

As members enter for Part 3 of Ann VosKamp’s One Thousand Gifts, engage them in the Opening Activity of what VosKamp describes as Ugly Beautiful:

Look at page 135 in your book and read through VosKamp’s list of “Ugly Beautiful.” Now, in your thanksgiving journal, add ten items which you would deem “Ugly Beautiful” in your own life.

Then, put members in pairs to discuss the questions covering chapter 5:

Chapter 5
  1. Think of a recent moment where something went wrong with you, didn’t go as planned, etc. Find one thanksgiving in that moment.
  2. Define hard eucharisteo.
  3. How would you rate your daily discipline to give thanks on a scale of 1-10? Are you (inert name) full of grace?
  4. How do you feel about “awakening to joy awakens to pain” (84)?
  5. Can it be that, that which seems to oppose the will of God actually is used of Him to accomplish the will of God” (88)? Explain.
  6. What does VosKamp mean by “ugly-beautiful” (99)?
    In an effort to cover chapter 8, have members complete the following activity:
    Chapter 8 
    Write “stress” on your note card. Discuss this term with your partner, and then list on your note card all items which cause you “stress”- emotional, physical, spiritual, etc.
    With “stress” cards in hand, discuss the meaning of theology as your group is walking outside in order to “chase the moon.”  In groups, have members take creative pictures which can include chasing the moon such as VosKamp did in chapter 6.  Click here for further ideas. 
    Hunky Guy Seen Here Holding the Moon
    While outside, have readers tear “stress” cards into tiny pieces and then bury under the soil for a symbolic and literal release of “stress.”

    Last but not least, members may enjoy a luscious snack inspired by chapters 5-8 of VosKamp’s One Thousand Gifts.

    Moon Pies, Photo and Snack Courtesy of Beth Miramonti