Liz Curtis Higgs’ The Girl’s Still Got It Book Club

Never in a million years would I have thought an in-depth line by line study of a book of the Bible would be so intriguing, suspenseful, romantic, and inspiring.  Yet, Liz Curtis Higgs’ manages this feat and then some in her work of nonfiction, The Girl’s Still Got It.  I looked forward to dental appointments with glee, dance classes with anticipation, and children’s bedtimes with relief so that I could steal some time alone with this work of writing.  Having read the book of Ruth before, this time I was awakened to the richness of the language, precise word choices, and the eloquence of simple storytelling.  Calling the hub at work, I recited Biblical verses with endearing emphasis, “I will do for you all you ask,”  (Ruth 3:11), and “Spread the corner of your garment over me . . .”  (Ruth 3:9).  Writing a sweet nothing in his valentine this year is going to be, figuratively speaking, a piece of cake due to Higgs’ influence.  In addition to making Ruth’s story relevant in the 21st century through down-to-earth explanation, Higgs’ also concludes each chapter with a blurb from a present-day woman who relates her own story to that of Ruth. 
For the purposes of book club, one may take a cue from Ruth 1:6, “When she had heard in Moab that the Lord had come to the aid of his people by providing food for them . . .”  In Higgs’ explication, the reader learns “. . .  the people of Judah are discovering plump grapes on the vines, clusters of olives nestled in the trees . . .” (29).  Thus, it makes sense to offer both red and green grapes during discussion as well as a variety of olives- pitted, stuffed, marinated, etc.- in order to reenact the bounty the people of Judah were discovering at the time.  While munching, discussion may be facilitated by Higgs generous offering of discussion questions for the purposes of book club as well as more detailed questions for a more frequent atmosphere of book study.  In addition, in lieu of a verbal lashing of the male protagonist, embrace your inner Cupids and share your own personal Boaz stories with one another as a finale to discussion.

Liz Curtis Higgs