Book Club Babes II: Where the Wild Things Are

Miss Sofia selected Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are for this book club discussion (each member selects a book of her choosing).  On arrival members had their pictures taken disguised as a wild thing.

Poster Created by Miss Corinna, 3rd Grade Assistant

Then, borrowing from Mrs. Lemons’ blog, Step into Second Grade, we discussed activities we do when we are feeling wild.  After brainstorming, members wrote their personal wild activities on this FREE printable and decorated the top of the monster’s head before attaching.

While chowing on a meal we thought protagonist Max would enjoy, ham and cheese sandwiches and watermelon chunks, my 3rd grade facilitator reread the book to members in preparation for an oral quiz.  For dessert, layer cake and ice cream seemed appropriate because this is what appears on the table in Max’s room.

Watermelon Boat Courtesy of Miss Sofia’s Parents

Miss Colette Iced the Layer Cake

After dessert, the remainder of book club was spent being wild.

Next book club:  Miss Morgan’s pick of The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear by Don and Audrey Wood

Book Club Babes II: Thank You Bear

The inaugural meeting of our kindergarten book club far exceeded my expectations.  Allotting two hours so that the kiddos would have time to eat, discuss, craft, and play, I was thrilled when our eating and discussion over Greg Foley’s Thank You Bear lasted fifty minutes.  A book lover’s dream . . .

Upon arrival, bookies were given a plain box to decorate to her liking.  The box represents the one given to Mouse from Bear.  Members may then take the box home and use it for whatever they would like. . . perhaps, a found mouse.

After decorations were complete, we had dinner as a group complete with Teddy Grahams for dessert.

While we were eating, we went over the two simple rules for book club.
1.  Listen to others.
If someone is talking, we need to listen to what she is saying.  We will all have a chance to talk.
2.  Respect others.
We discussed how we are going to read a lot of books.  I stressed that it was all right not to like all the books we read, but instead of saying, “I don’t like the book you picked,” to another member, a member is to brainstorm what she would change about the book if she could.  Only kind words will be said to one another.

Discussion of Thank You Bear ensued with the assistance of my second-grade facilitator.  

Members brought their books (one on a Kindle- cool!) and could read along if they wished.  

Then a lively back and forth occurred before distribution of the journals.  

Since it was our first meeting, we went over how to use the journals: 1) draw a picture of a favorite scene, character, etc. from the book, and 2) write what they liked about the book or any questions they may have.

After an hour of play, budding readers were sent home with the fixings to make a bear thank you card as well as a bag full of gummy bears.

Next book:  Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are