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A film that brings tears to your eyes . . .
Dear John

Describe your first kiss.
I had my first kiss when I was in the seventh grade. There was a girl that I had a crush on and it was the day of my school picnic. I asked her if she wanted to get on the Ferris wheel with me, and as soon as we got to the stop I leaned over and kissed her on the lips. 
Your favorite children’s book, and why . . .

My favorite book as a child was Five Little Monkeys. That was my favorite book because I used to always jump on the bed. My mom would come in and always yell at me that I am going to hurt myself. 
A cause that’s closest to your heart, and why . . .
The cause that is closest to my heart would be the passing of a family friend. She has a littler girl who is my sister’s age and a boy that is in eighth grade. The reason why this affects me the most is because her son looks up to me as a role model. He is going to the same high-school I went to and I give him all my old clothes that do not fit anymore.
If you could be a character in any novel, who would you be and why?
Bugs Bunny because he seems to always be in control no matter what comes his way. The bunny could figure his way out of anything, and outsmart any foe be it a two gun slinging Yosemite Sam, or a hot breathed tree chomping Tasmanian Devil.
Explain the worst job that you’ve held. 

One of my worst jobs was working a concession stand at a golf course. While preparing food was not the most exciting thing in the world to me, and I barely lasted a summer doing it.
A quote that motivates you . . .  
If you want to be the best,
Work harder than the rest.
If you don’t want to be the best,
Just work like the rest.

Three Wishes . . .
I’d wish for wealth

I’d wish for happiness
I’d wish for a cure for cancer
The title of that one song you would take with you on that deserted island. . .
Love Sosa
Favorite game you played as a child . . .

What would you like readers to take away from your writing?
I would like for readers to take away the main points that I try to talk about.