Five Minute Friday: Bloom

Bloom . . .  This past Sunday I turned 43.  Recently, I have whittled my social media outlets down in order to be more in the moment with my loved ones and spend more time writing.  

Thus, without the yearly “happy birthdays” from Facebook, I didn’t think anyone would acknowledge my birthday besides close friends and family, and this was okay by me.  This is not because I dread aging;  I am thrilled to still be kicking (breast cancer warrior) and happy to tell anyone who asks (or doesn’t ask) my age.

Yet, I was surprised this year on my birthday.  Instead of digital birthday wishes, I received a pile of beautiful cards in my mailbox, and my heart bloomed.  I carefully opened each envelope and savored the handwritten messages.  To me, an old soul, these were packages being unwrapped by me (and my two young daughters).

Never having been the recipient of a Card Shower before, I was overwhelmed and am grateful.  A huge thank you to woman blessing Sue and all those whom participated in creating this bloom

What does BLOOM mean to you?

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Lisa-Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday:  Bloom

Five Minute Friday: Belong

Belong . . .  It’s amazing how there are days when I can feel so alone when there are so many vehicles to being “social” in today’s world.

For me, I need the good old-fashioned face-to-face interaction. . . the physical presence of another human being to share the uniqueness of human nature, find the humor in the everyday occurrences, and simply belong.

Like a plant which withers without water, I, too, wither when I am not watered with fellowship and God’s word.

A good friend posted a blog this week at The Gentle Yoke which reminds me we all belong to God, and He is always near . . . hovering over us.

What does belong mean to you?

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Lisa-Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday:  Belong

Five Minute Friday: Exhale

Exhale . . .  Yesterday I watched a friend’s kiddos while she had to work.  This summer she and I are swapping days with our kiddos who are identical in age so that each of us has time to exhale.

The kiddos and I visited one of our favorite parks and ended up staying for over two hours.  Children’s laughter . . . exhale.

They then fed “dead bread” (expired bread/cereal) to the ducks who happened to be M.I.A.  Exhale . . .


A short walk to the local library followed where the kiddos selected books and movies . . .  Their love of reading . . . exhale.

A day I wish didn’t have to end . . . exhale.

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Lisa-Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday:  Lost

Five Minute Friday: Lost

LOST . . .  Using this summah to truly unplug and be LOST in my children and the hub.  As witnessed on the insides of their doors with Sharpie marks, my kiddos are growing like weeds.  When did this happen?

So, this summah, we are LOST in one another. . .  No scurrying from camp to camp as in previous years.  A VBS here and a Sports Camp there rounds out the summah.

Facebook deleted . . .  Long summer days and nights LOST in one another, in books, in play, in conversation . . .

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Lisa-Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday:  Lost