I’ll See You Again Book Club

I’ll See You Again, a memoir written by Jackie Hance with Janice Kaplan leaves me speechless.  Hance retells the tragic death of her young daughters- Emma, Alyson, and Katie-  at the hands of her sister-in-law, which changed her and her husband Warren’s life forever. 
Written with such raw emotion, the reader feels Hance’s desperate search for an escape from the present and for sense of the immediate past in regards to this incongruent loss.  Seeking solace in material possessions, hours in bed, time with friends, Hance reaffirms her belief there is no relief from the ever present hole in her heart.  Finally, through the generous gift of a specialist, her heart expands to include love for another while the pain, which Hance inevitably has to walk through, remains, but is channeled for the greater good through the Hance Family Foundation.

For the purposes of book club, a breakfast spread including homemade Egg McMuffins would be an ideal place to commence discussion, mirroring the Christmas tradition Hance begins in an effort to move forward again.