Book Club Babes: Frozen

Book Club Babes (a third-grade book club) met and discussed Disney’s chapter book, Frozen, selected by Miss Bella.  As members arrived, they were asked to decorate a cup to be used for the frozen punch, SoBe pina colada drink (found at Schnucks for $1/bottle . . . score).

Frozen SoBe was used as ice cubes to chill the punch.

After a dinner of sandwiches (which is mentioned in “Love is an Open Door”), a frozen dessert bar was served complete with a cake like the one found in the movie (minus the head statue) and various white/silver-colored treats (thank you Miss Faith for the white-iced snack cakes).

Discussion ensued with thought provoking open-ended questions such as, “What makes a family?” and “What is true love?”  to close reading questions such as, “What are the names of the three trolls?  Look in chapter 2.”  One member’s question of “What was your favorite scene?” led to third-grade members acting their answers out for the rest of the group.  Yes, goosebumps ran up and down my arms and legs as literacy in action unfolded before my eyes.  Even first and second grade siblings joined in on the discussion.  Be still my heart.

The remainder of book club was spent watching the movie Frozen (okay, I think one member ended up watching the movie in its entirety) and playing;  hey, they earned it.

Next discussion:  Miss Colleen’s pick of Nick and Tesla’s High-Voltage Danger Lab

Book Club Babes: Bink and Gollie

The first official Book Club Babes discussion was over Miss Ella’s pick of Bink and Gollie written by Kate DiCamillo and Alison McGhee.  The Book Club Babe who selects the book also selects the time/location to ensure her presence.

A pancake bar with all of the fixings:  peanut butter, chocolate and vanilla whipped cream, chocolate chips, caramel sauce, etc., as well as an unending supply of chocolate milk (yummers!) was provided to initiate the connection to the book, the main characters’ favorite eats.

A second-grade (and forty-two-year-old) foodie’s dream . . .


Discussion then ensued using questions book club members had written in their journals prior to the meeting . . .

Next discussion:  Disney Frozen Junior Novel