Babies, Birthdays, Books, and Broadway Bound

Having received a clever invitation (devised by a teacher- let’s hear it for our teachers!) in the form of an airline ticket to a baby shower, a trip to the bookstore was now a high priority on my to-do list (yes!).  In lieu of cards, picture books were requested for the baby.  Be still my heart . . .  a fellow author groupie in the making.  
In the same week, my eldest daughter received a “FREE Birthday Treat” coupon in the mail from Barnes and Noble, so it was a nobrainer which bookstore was in our near future.  
After school pick-up, my two squirts and I headed in great anticipation to our nearest store location in Fairview Heights, ILme looking ahead to heady floating between rows of books, the oldest squirt discerning between the cupcake or the oversized cookie, and the youngest squirt racing towards the Thomas Train display, with all of us rounding out our visit with a lengthy stretch of time at the stage.  

This stage in question, located in the children’s section, is where my squirts have observed many preschool storytimes, danced many jigs, and now conduct many performances for me and for one another.  Priceless!  Yes, I own a Kindle and use it, but I am still in awe of the written word on paper and the stores which house these books. Thrilled to know my squirts, too, love to turn the pages of a book, I am hopeful this future squirt whom we’re celebrating at the baby shower will embrace the physical book also.