Five Minute Friday: Dwell

Dwell.  When I think of the word dwell, what immediately comes to mind is Dwell Magazine, an American magazine which explores the interiors and exteriors of modern design.  The glossy pictures within this magazine show clean lines and a place for everything, and while reading, I think how soothing it must be living in such an existence.

Then, I peer over the pages of the magazine and see a game of Monopoly in mid-play strewn all over the game table in our family room.  I see a shredded bra and socks lying on the floor which our adorable Labrador Retriever fetched from the dirty clothes.  I see dining room chairs splattered with grape juice stains, children’s artwork strung across the fireplace, and deep scratches in the hardwood where the girls rode their Plasma Cars in circles time and time again.


I think to my myself;  I wouldn’t want it any other wayDwell.

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