RSVP from Heaven

If people watching and listening to other people’s stories interests you in the least bit, then Marie Saint-Louis’ autobiographical account of her life as a psychic medium, RSVP from Heaven is the next read for you.


A teacher by day, Saint-Louis began her psychic medium work at her kitchen table with callers, but has since evolved into working at events which is where RSVP from Heaven commences, at the Golden Eagle Casino Swap Meet to be more specific.

What follows is rich descriptions of people from all walks of life searching for answers in their lives and to be connected one more time with loved ones whom have passed, sceptics included.  With honesty, Saint-Louis reveals working such events is not all glitz and glam, but persistence and a lot of manual labor when setting up shop in various locales:

I peeked over my shoulder just as the attendant bent over in skintight khaki shorts, pulling white tube socks up to his knee caps.

Grasping the luggage piece, I heaved it over the barricades, sucked in my stomach and squeezed between them.  . . . As I stepped aside, the luggage wheels jammed and my high heels sank into the damp ground.  The contents clanked together inside my case as sweat began trickling down my back.  This was the consequence for taking the ill-fated short cut.  (69)

A Christian and believer in Heaven, “The best way to describe Heaven is serene.  There is no illness, struggles and life battles.  It’s [Heaven] is a feeling of pure love and completion from how we lived our life on Earth”  (76), Saint-Louis is forthright when telling of the naysayers she encounters with one woman telling Saint-Louis early on she was going to go to Hell for her work as a psychic medium, work “. . . against . . . [the woman’s] beliefs”  (3).

As for the grammatical and mechanical aspect of this book, my youngest would say this was the “sloppy copy,” a copy still in need of a final revision.  Missing quotation marks, wrong word choices,  capitalization errors, and missing articles were abundant throughout as I had numerous Post-its throughout, a habit formed from teaching.  A few examples follow:

” . . . I would openly question her reasoning on have [sic] a private session with me”  (54).

“Erica’s [sic] went on talking”  (63).

And, when one is referring to the death of a loved one, the spelling is “lose,” not “loose” as misspelled on pages 123 and 128.

In addition,  I was curious to know how Saint-Louis became aware of her spiritual gifts and at what age as well as why she opted to transition more to readings at public events.

Overall, an interesting read which offers an ethnographical look into people searching for answers and as Saint-Louis summarizes in her Reflection, “Each of us can find solace in realizing there is another person out there who is experiencing similar situations”  (201).

If you would like to know more about Marie Saint-Louis, read her author interview here.

Marie Saint-Louis

Why do you write?: I write because the people I was meeting asked me to write a book. As a psychic medium, I meet people when they are often at their lowest. They are dealing with failed relationships, unfulfilling careers, pondering relocation, family members causing havoc in their lives, and others. Basically real life for all of us. I wanted to share with people that everyone is fighting their own personal battles.

Describe where you write.: Wherever I go, either to a party or an event, I pack a handful of pens and notebooks to record my experiences in a journal. Later, I head for my home office, and with my two cats to keep me company, I begin to write about my experiences that evening. I want to keep everything fresh in my mind.

Who or what is your muse?: My clients were my inspiration. They have constantly asked about me about my psychic readings and kept asking me when I was going to write a book about them. This was something I had never thought of. After much thought and encouragement from my brother, my book was born.

Three wishes . . .: Good health. A productive second half to my life filled with positively touching other people’s lives. To meet all my readers in person.

Favorite childhood book, and why?: Clifford The Big Red Dog by Norman Bridwell As an animal lover, I always loved the fact Clifford was the runt of the litter but grew up to be this enormous dog that everyone loves. Clifford is a friendly and outgoing dog but he also got into a little bit of trouble. I have been known to not always follow the rules, so I am bit like Clifford.

Explain when is your ideal time to write.: I mainly write in the evening, after my appointments with clients. I usually stay up until 3am, even though I’m not really a night person. I live in Arizona, and love nothing more that opening the windows and hearing the coyotes howl!

Name a book you would reread again and again, and why.: I have a lot of favorite books but the one which brings me good memories is The Pact: Three Young Men Make A Promise and Fulfill a Dream: by Drs. Sampson Davis, George Jenkins, Rameck Hunt At the time, I had a classroom of over 40 high school students who hated to read and couldn’t read well. I only had one copy so we passed the book around and everyone read a sentence or paragraph. If anyone laughed because a student couldn’t read I’d kick them out of class. Never had one student leave the room.

E-book or print? Why?: Both. I’ve been asking readers which they prefer and it’s a tie

Favorite magazine, and why?: Just one? I love magazines and will read about anything that catches my eye. They are a quick read. I’m the person at the supermarket with milk, eggs, and cheese in my basket while I’m reading an article in aisle seven.

What would you like readers to take away from your writing?: “We all have uncertainties about our life direction and purpose.” I’ve have the pleasure to meet and guide people from all walks of life; college students, teachers, accountants, police officers, surgeons and even adult film stars. All of my stories make for a more interesting experience for my readers. Throughout the book, readers will witness people coming to me when they are searching for direction and needing hope. We all have been there before; when our relationships are breaking apart, we are unfulfilled in our careers, family members causing havoc, and wondering if relocation will give us new opportunities and a new lease on life. There are many people having a similar struggle within their own lives. It may not be the exact situation, but they are hurting as much as you or even more . “Value your time with loved ones and make peace with them if you need to.”What I hear from clients is that they wished they had spent more time with loved ones before they passed. I love the part in the book where I read at a festival for a young man from Detroit, Michigan. Dion was unsure about having his first psychic medium reading but once he sat down, I read for him for over an hour. I still remember when I connected Dion to his deceased brother Bernard. At one point during the session, Dion looked at me and said. “Damn, the last time I saw my brother we fought over something real stupid. I wish I could take it all back because weeks later Bernard was murdered.”

Marie Saint-Louis