Black Beauty (Graphic Novel)

Lately we’re on a graphic novel kick because my oldest squirt’s BFF introduced her to the Babymouse series.  While at the berry, my oldest and I picked Black Beauty, the graphic novel written by Anna Sewell, retold by L.L. Owens, and illustrated by Jennifer Tanner, for my youngest squirt, and, boy, did we score.

My first grader was immediately drawn to the striking cover which was comprised of Black Beauty set against a cobalt blue background.

After reading the story on her own, my youngest then wanted to read it aloud to me and my hub.  When discussing the book afterwards, we realized the word “kind” was used at least nine times in its sixty-three pages.  Thus, the moral of the story, being humane to animals and one another, was, without a doubt, reiterated and emphasized throughout the book’s entirety.

Not only am I a huge fan of the book’s message, but I also learned what never to use on a horse, a checkrein, a term I am glad I had never been acquainted with before now.

A definite must-read for even the most reluctant young reader.

Later, my squirts and I plan to reenact some of the scenes with our black lab, Daisy Duke, starring as Black Beauty and our American Girls acting as riders. . . literacy in action.

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