Werner Stejskal

Why do you write?: I always loved to write little stories. My first fairy tales came into being when I was seven years old. I have been an avid reader since the beginning and simply wanted to write something myself. In later life I considered writing books, but found that I did not have it in me. It took “divine intervention” to create this series. One sleepless night after a West to East flight from Europe to Australia, I was suddenly given the idea to write this children’s series. My daughter has a black cat, which may have influenced this decision. I started writing one story after the other to end up with about 60 stories in two month. Finding illustrators was the next step. The main purpose of this series is to provide simple entertainment for little kids. I like to include some lessons in them as well, but it is not foremost. The strength of this series are the illustrations, which should appeal to everyone. I don’t believe to write in kiddy language, but rather depend on mum to read and retell her child according to its age. Altogether writing and producing this series gives me the satisfaction of providing a creative contribution to society and children in particular. It fills my days of retirement with the joy of an imaginary world.

Describe where you write.: I use my Ipad to write my story, sitting with my legs up on the sofa.

Who or what is your muse?: I always loved Disney movies and magazines. I decided to adopt that style for the illustrations in my series.

Three wishes . . .: Finish the series, offer printed books, do TV series

Favorite childhood book, and why?: Pippi Longstockings series. I admire people breaking out and dare to be different.

Explain when is your ideal time to write.: I usually write at night. Being retired I have the priviledge though to endulge myself any time.

Name a book you would reread again and again, and why.: Gine [sic] with the wind. Again I love an independent character like Scarlett. I always used to identify with her.

E-book or print? Why?: I publish as ebooks simply because it is easier. I will follow up with print-on-demand for the same reason. I believe the chance for success for normal printed books is minimal unless you are famous already.

Favorite magazine, and why?: The Money magazine, because you can always learn something.

What would you like readers to take away from your writing?: The foremost purpose of my series is to offer small children an alternative to current popular books. I like to keep the stories simple, colourful and with some small lessons to learn. I prefer to treat small children more like grown-ups and ask for their cooperation as well.

Werner Stejskal

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