Five Minute Friday: Open

Open.  This past Friday I scurried to the store in order to gather groceries before the impending freezing rain.  The temperature outside seemed to chill me to the bone.  A breast cancer warrior, my thoughts were, “If I had real nipples, they would be piercing through my winter coat at this time.”  Then I thought I need to text that to my BFF/partner in crime/cheerleader/sounding board/lifeline.  Yes, immature beyond a shadow of a doubt, but this is how we roll.

Fast forward to my return home and my retrieval of the mail.  As I lowered the plastic black door, I spied a rectangular piece of correspondence addressed to none other than “Tits McGee,” and I could not help but smile one of those smiles that borders on painful due to its width.  This, I knew, had to be a “small package” (what I consider snail mail) from the same woman who said without hesitation, “Cansah Schmansah,” when I told her of my diagnosis.


The real joy came in the form of tears as I opened this card, for inside was the inscription, You’re the sister I always wanted.  Open.

6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Open

  1. I lost my mom 5 years ago Valentines Day to CA and this past week has been rough. To read the resilience in your words and about the love of your friend brings tears and a smile. You are one tough lady and God still has a mighty work for you. Thank you for the tears today. Thank you for the smile. ~ Dianna #fmf

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    1. Dianna,
      I am sorry to hear about the loss of your mother. I do belief grief is like a rollercoaster with the highs and lows. I hope this week is much improved for you.
      Thank you for stopping by, and it’s nice to read you think I’m tough. Some days I’m not so sure. 🙂

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