Five Minute Friday: Wait

Wait.  Writing is like meditation for me;  it calms me, it guides me, and it focuses me.  This particular Five Minute Friday writing prompt had to wait as my baby girl turned seven this past Sunday.  Thus, there were pig cupcakes to be baked (oh, how she loves her pigs), food to be prepared, and quality time to be spent with this glorious gift from above.


The hub and I had to wait 38 weeks to see our baby girl after a difficult pregnancy which included gestational diabetes, low amniotic fluid, and the Somogyi effect.  After release from the hospital, I had nearly 48 hours with her at home before I had to return to the hospital for a week’s stay in order to combat severe preeclampsia where the wait to return home was excruciating.

Last night sitting alone while the rest of the house was asleep, I could not stop smiling while reflecting on the past weekend. I thought what a blessing this young one has been to my life and my hub’s life . . . definitely well worth the wait.

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