Writing Workshop Wednesdays (22)

Reading the acknowledgement page of my daughter’s book club book, Three Times Lucky, the author, Sheila Turnage thanks her parents for instilling in her the love of reading.

Thinking of my own love of reading and wondering when it developed, I remember being so excited for library day in elementary school.  There was what I remember to be a structure known as The Pit which we, the students, basically fought one another for in order to claim the ideal spot.  We were even allowed to drape our legs over the back of the structure if we wanted which, at the time, seemed so scandalous.  Now I think if I attempted to sit on The Pit, I don’t think I would be able to walk right for a week;  padding was definitely not a component of The Pit.  The librarian (aaah, when all school libraries employed librarians) would read us stories in The Pit much to our delight, and then ultimately a uniform groan would rise from The Pit when our teacher told us it was time to return to class.  I can still feel the disappointment of quality storytelling coming to an end.

So, for today’s Writing Workshop Wednesday, who or what instilled your love of reading?

4 thoughts on “Writing Workshop Wednesdays (22)

  1. My Mom sold World Book Encyclopedias and Child Craft books. Oh my—in trouble for reading under the blanket while trying to hold a flashlight on the books. Fell in love with poetry, scientists, short stories. Always ahead of the reading program at school. Still read almost every day. It takes me to a different world, away from aches and pains. …. Oops, gotta go. Library recommended a different author to me, and I’m only about half way through the book J

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  2. I know I just always liked to read. My first real remembrances are from the 4th grade when I became hooked
    on the Nancy Drew mysteries. I can remember riding my bike to the library to see if a new one had come out yet. I thought they were the greatest and I guess they fueled my interest in a good mystery to this day.

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