4 thoughts on “Writing Workshop Wednesdays (18)

  1. Tried to send you a special message, but it won’t go through. May be due to the attached pix. What address can I use?



  2. Going home to see my family,which so many people take for granted, the health and well being of my family, the safety of our troops overseas, everyone to feel the presence of Jesus during the holidays, and for my grandpa to be healed of his head injury.


  3. I’d like to get more time to hang out with my friends next year, do better in school, that my PLEVA would stay in remission for the fourth year in a row, that no one gets hurt during my family trip next year, and just for a more pleasant world in general.


  4. Safety for my family
    All my friends having a good break
    My dog surviving it’s operation
    The health of my family
    Presence and conversation with my family.


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