Five Minute Friday: Give

Give.  Reading Kate Motaung’s post with the prompt, Give, really leaves a reader a lot to ponder.  To appreciate the good, there is hardship, struggle, unrest, etc.  This is a tough concept to accept.  In the last week, my grandfather-in-law passed from cancer, my husband’s co-worker was killed by a driver under the influence, a friend’s mother passed, my mother was diagnosed with dementia, a dear friend told me her Thanksgiving was spent arguing with her husband, another friend spent the holiday nursing her two kiddos and husband back to health after suffering Type A flu, a loved one in debt, and on and on and on.  With all of this take, the idea of give seems exhausting.

In a sermon last week, Pastor Dennis touched on this same topic in finding the joy in the every day, if even just a smidgen.  Over time these small observances will accumulate into a large acknowledgement of joy.  Thus, he ended his sermon with, “I wish you enough.”

So, this week I plan to trudge on and search for opportunities to give to others so that they, too, may have enough and discover their own inkling of joy.

Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.   -Luke 6:38

2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Give

  1. hi joy,
    what a sad season for you and your friends:( it was this time of year that my dad died suddenly at the age of 54! what a shock!

    i once tho’t i had to be strong for everyone around me. i don’t believe that anymore. i need to find strength in Christ for sure. but there are seasons when i can’t take on all the pain around me. i can pray for them of course…and that helps more than many conversations did before! what a surprise:)

    but i need to be healthy in terms of food, sleep, exercise and healthy friendships for those with whom i am responsible to minister (your dementiad mom for example). limited amounts of love/caring for the others may need to be taken up by others as well.

    sometimes they grow through that. it’s not all giving. that is part of the story.

    grieving is a difficult and weird road to walk. it is often not paved. when we walk it, we can get a little crazed at times. allow yourself space to grieve.

    pardon my bossiness. i have erred on the wrong sides of these and paid a heavy price. i enjoyed your blog:) wednesdays sound fun:)

    i see we shared the same scripture at the end:) so nice to meet you!


  2. The world around us is so broken that it often takes everything we have at the moment to catch a glimpse of joy…..and when we catch it, ohhh, it’s so much easier to give!

    Tammy ~@~


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