Five Minute Friday: Notice

Notice.  As a kiddo, it seems to come naturally when one says, “Hey!  Look!  Look what I can do!  See what I drew!  Listen to me read!  Watch me!”  Loving parents, grandparents, adults, siblings, etc. then respond with their full attention in an ideal world.  Children need that reassurance and, I believe, rightfully so.

I wonder why some people think this inner need dissipates as we grow older.  In teaching young adults, I want them to know what they write, think, and say matters.  If a student lingers after class to share with me an idea or e-mails me a short story written in his/her free time, I am elated.  I want them to know I will gladly drop what I am doing because I am interested, and they deserve my full attention.

This feeling of wanting others to know they matter and my taking notice most definitely stems from my adult desire for others to think I matter, too.  Now in my forties, I have learned reassurance and interest from others all but disappears.  People are more apt to criticize, complain, or simply clam up (yes, I embrace alliteration fully) rather than notice.

Today I noticed the man behind me in line at the drive-thru.  He looked like he had a lot on his mind as he was shuffling through some sort of paperwork.  He was driving a minivan, so I assumed perhaps he had children which may mean a full weekend ahead after the close of this work week.  Inspired by a friend’s act of JOYing someone, I decided to treat this man to breakfast anonymously.  Driving away I was smiling because I was hoping this man knew someone took notice of him today.

How will you take the time and show people you notice them today?

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