Bradley Bohn

Why do you write?: Well the obvious reason is because of school, but I like to talk about what I have done in my life and sometimes writing my experiences out makes more sense than trying to verbally tell my story because I become excited and start jobbing my words up.

Describe where you write.: On my couch. With my dog Chloe

Who or what is your muse?: I have two my fiance Katherine and my dog Chloe.

Three wishes . . .: 10 Billion dollars, smarter and more time to do what I want

Favorite childhood book, and why?: The Foot Book by Dr Seuss, because it was the first book that I was able to read.

Explain when is your ideal time to write.: Just before bed. For some reason I am able to come up with more detail and more to say when I am about to go to bed.

Name a book you would reread again and again, and why.: “The Last Shot” by Lynn Schooler, because it was a true story and a very exciting adventure.

E-book or print? Why?: Print, because I am not a fan of staring at a computer screen for long amounts of time.

Favorite magazine, and why?: Car and Driver because I am a huge petrol head and have a huge wish list of cars.

What would you like readers to take away from your writing?: The adventure and experiences that I have accumulated over the years.

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