10 thoughts on “Writing Workshop Wednesdays (14)

  1. When I played softball, I always played shortstop. However my favorite position to play is centerfield. When playing centerfield, you can see everything that goes on and the entire game is in front of you. There is nothing more rewarding or exciting than running down a fly ball in the outfield. Part of my love for centerfield is my favorite MLB baseball player, Jim Edmonds, played that position. I believe he is the greatest centerfielder the Cardinals have known.

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  2. I would like to play in the outfield, like I did when I was in softball. I like the outfield because I am very good at catching and throwing long distance. When I was younger, however, I would play in the dirt and get in trouble by my coach, who was also my dad. I would draw pictures if there were patches of dirt, or I would tie blades of grass together and make various items of jewelry. As you can see, baseball/softball was not a sport that particularly held my attention. With that being said, if I were forced to play baseball/softball I would immediately run in to the outfield.

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  3. If I could play any position in baseball I would probably be the designated hitter. I would like to be the guy my team depends on to blast one out of the park. I want to hear the roar of the crowd as the fans anticipate me hitting a bomb.

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  4. If I could play any position in baseball it would most likely be the centerfielder. I have to run the farthest distance in order to catch fly balls. You also have to be fast and athletic. Being a hurdler and sprinter on the track team, I think I would make an awesome centerfielder.

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  5. I would Play assistance Coach because I suck in baseball but if I had to pick a position it would have been outfield, because I can catch a little.

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  6. I used to play baseball when I was really little, and I always played third base and pitcher. If I had to choose one position to play it would of course be pitcher. I love the feeling of being In control of the game and know that if I play well our team has a very high chance to win the game. I have a strong arm, I would say, and I think that would benefit me in striking out the opposing team’s batters.

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