Writing Workshop Wednesdays (10)

My English 111 classes recently read Alice Walker’s “Beauty:  When the Other Dancer Is the Self,” which revolves around an eye injury a young Walker received at the hands of her brother.  As a result her eye is a “. . . glob of whitish scar tissue, a hideous cataract . . .”  (Kirszner and Mandell 36).  The scar in question inevitably results in Walker’s self-loathing until her two-year-old daughter inspects the eye with childish wonder and reveals to Walker, “‘Mommy, there’s a world in your eye'” (40).

So, for the purposes of this Writing Workshop Wednesdays, I want YOU, the writer, to tell YOUR Life in Scars either visually as in the picture or in the below comments section.

Life in Scars

One thought on “Writing Workshop Wednesdays (10)

  1. In eighth grade I broke both of my arms playing basketball. I have sprained both of my ankles also resulting from basketball. My sister scared the horse I was riding when I was little and I received and concussion and some badly scraped knees. When I was three, my tonsils were taken out because they swelled so much that it was affecting my breathing. Last year I swallowed a pill that did not go down all the way. It released in my throat causing a throat ulcer. I also broke my nose during a basketball practice. Out of everything I have been through, nothing hurts worse than having your ears pierced.


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