Writing Workshop Wednesdays (9)

Writing Prompt:  Regret.  Recall an incident where you felt regret.


12 thoughts on “Writing Workshop Wednesdays (9)

  1. In 8th grade, I thought it would be cool to make an account on MySpace against my parents word. They had told me not to make one multiple times implying I was not mature enough to deal with the possible consequences of social media. After I received the honor of valedictorian from my gradeschool, I decided it would be funny to complain about it on MySpace. I demeaned the honor, and made it sound as if it was more of a bother to write the speech. As a result, my parents found out I had the account and the school threatened to take away this honor. It was no longer a joke to me. I wished for weeks that I had never done this, and still to this day are completely embarrassed of what I did.

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  2. A time I had regret was in Highschool at the state track meet. I regretted going to bed late the night before I had to compete. I was extremely tired, which cost me my race. The reason for going to bed at such a late time was most likely nerves. It was the first time I was competing as an individual. I was only a sophomore and was extremely nervous. The race I ran was two seconds slower than what I qualified for state. To this day, it is one of my biggest regrets.

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  3. It was my first ever state high school weightlifting meet and I weighed in at the 154 class. I was always on the edge of making my weight class and it was a struggle every week in order for me to make this. Well the night before, I decided to go to a local town restaurant because they were celebrating my achievement of making it so I went and ate a couple of boneless wings. Well they offered me to eat up and enjoy myself, well knowing better I decided to gorge on the free food. I went to bed happy and full. I then woke up and went to my meet at 7 in the morning and stepped on the scale, I was 157 and was worried that I couldn’t lose the weight. So I ran two miles in a sweat suit and I stepped on the scale again and I was 156. In Florida you only have three chances to weigh in with the right weight or you’re forced to move up a class, well I ran a couple of sprints in the suit and forced myself to throw up, and I stepped back on the scale confident, well I weighed exactly 154.6. My stomach dropped not only from just throwing up, but because that means I had to compete in the 169 class. Well I ended up doing horrible because I felt disembodied and sick, and placed horribly. It taught me on how to do it the right way for my senior year and I always made weight. This is one of my worst regrets.

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  4. The incident I felt Regret in was when I was downtown about a year ago & and I walked pass the one individual who happened to be poor. He asked me for spare & for some odd reason I continue to walk away as if he wasn’t human & I would get punished if I spoke to him. 1 week later this male was on TV because he died of starvation & haven’t ate in 4 and a half weeks

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  5. One particular incident I regretted in my life, was when I was young I blamed someone else for something I did. Because I lied that persons life is ruined till this day. I wish I could go back and change it but I made a mistake and I learned from it. It was very stupid of me to blame this person, he did nothing wrong. I ruined his life so save mines, I regre it everyday when I wake up and go to sleep.

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  6. Regret, something that burns inside me everyday I wake up. As I wake from my bed I examine myself everyday burning with regret. It all has to deal with my decision of coming to college in Illinois while I leave the love of my life back home. Sarah the real definition is princess, and she was every bit of that most of all she was my best friend. She was one where you could do anything and everything with and enjoy life. I regret leaving the one behind that I could escape reality with because when we were together it was as if the world stopped in time. The connection that we share may never be severed, but will we be able to go back and enjoy each other in the way we once knew? Will our paths cross 5-6 years down the road? God only knows what he has planned for us. I think he wouldn’t have brought us together if he didn’t have something planned. This is my one current regret. Leaving behind someone whom your heart cries out for when your in search of a kiss or someone to talk to.

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  7. One thing that I regret was not running track my eighth grade year. Though I was not the best runner, I was athletic enough to be able to glide by. It would have sucked to endure all the training and extra hours after school but in the end it would have been worth it. Not running track ultimately led to me not getting scholar athlete of the year. If I would have participated in track, I have no doubt in my mind that I would have received the award. I had the grade requirement necessary and had participated in both baseball and basketball already. At the end of the day it is not a big deal, it just would have been nice to be awarded that honor.

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  8. I try to live my life with no regrets, however, I will always have the regret moving to Australia. I travel a fair amount and have met a diverse range of people. Prior to moving to Australia I had already moved houses 4 times and cities 3 times. Tennis training was always the reason for the moves because as I improved as a player, I required higher levels of coaching. I had set up a solid network of friends in Hamilton, NZ and I was enjoying my life there. I had two strong paying jobs as a tennis coach and bartender, I lived in an awesome neighborhood, and I was enjoying my time there. When the offer of moving to Australia by myself to live and train at a tennis academy arose I initially hesitated and denied the offer. I spent the next few weeks mulling over the thought of leaving everything behind. Eventually a decision was made, I was going to move to the Gold Coast.

    My first few weeks in Australia were lonely. I lived with a host family from the tennis academy who were very accommodating and extremely friendly, however, it was not home. I eventually met people who I could relate to and hang out with, but it was still not the same. Leaving my family for those 2 years was the hardest decision and one I regret. I made friends, lived another lifestyle, however, I missed out on valuable years with my family before making the biggest move to university. Thinking about these things now makes me see that if I did not move countries then I could have enjoyed a few more years at home before moving here, the US.

    In short, moving to Australia is something I will always regret. It shortened my time with family, and was something I didn’t truly enjoy. I had to live with my decision however, and had to make attempts at seeing past the personal mistake I made.


  9. An instance where I felt enormous regret was when I decided to stop playing baseball after my eighth grade year. Baseball was the sport that I already had friends in, so I solidified those friendships assuming I would play baseball throughout high school. As the season rolled on, I realized that I was not getting as much playing time as the previous years. This made me irritated, but it also gave me time to think about the decision I soon was going to make. Once the season ended, I pondered about whether I was going to continue playing baseball or not. I made my final decision when I was asked to play for a select team I had been a part of for many seasons, and I regretfully said “No”. The decisions was painstakingly difficult, but I thought baseball, a game I had played for my whole life, was the game I should give up in order to focus on golf. At first hand, the decision looked to be the right one since I made the varsity golf squad my freshman year, but I realized my longtime friendships through baseball were fading. Throughout high school I partially rekindled those friendships, but in no way did they feel the same. Second semester of senior year approached quickly, and the varsity baseball coach asked me to help out with keeping stats and scorebook. I hesitated to answer because of the recent summer job I landed, but I accepted his request. The season began and I knew the team would have great success right off the bat. Throughout the magical year, I managed to rekindle tightknit friendships I once had. The team compiled a record of 32-7, and I was right there to witness it. Although the team lost in the super-sectional before the state tournament, I was a part of history for my high school’s baseball team and I was proud to regain close friendships. Regret crept inside me when I saw former teammates early on in high school, but I renewed those friendships my senior year.

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  10. The one thing I most regret was right after getting out of the navy I didn’t go out and get a job, I became lazy and didn’t do anything but sleep a lot. I also used up all of my savings, that I had been saving up, I had over $12,000 and blew it all in two months. I had a fun two months, but I am now regretting it because I now have an apartment, fiancée, two dogs and lots of bills with no money. It was all because I wanted to take a summer off and just relax. I was saving over half of each of my pay checks while I was on my last deployment, I also tried not to do a lot in the different countries I went to because I wanted to save. All it took was just one summer to make all the sacrifice not matter. That is what I regret most.

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  11. I regret not working hard everyday I get a chance to for football. Someday my football career will be over and its up to me if want it to be a long or short career. All those days I stayed in bed sleeping my day away I could have been lifting weights, running, getting better. Hard work pays off but if you dont work hard your talent will only take you so far. I now know that all those days I regret being lazy I cant have back but the days ahead of me I will do what is needed for me to get better.

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  12. Every time I argue with my siblings and parents, I immediately regret it. They are the only people in the world who love and care for me all the time, yet I am so selfish to disregard the care for the sake of my own feelings. In relationships you must give more than you take. Arguing with the people you love is unavoidable; however, it should be slim and out of care for one another. Becoming angry over who ate the last cookie or your sister wore your clothes is something that can be handled differently than a fight.


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