Sunday (or Monday) Thanks

I am thankful for . . .

three days to spend with my family.

exploring a new place to eat.

meeting some incredible students who make me laugh.

another person agreeing to participate in Card Shower Requests.

catching up on a week’s worth of laundry.

a generous neighbor volunteering to fix our roof.

For what are you thankful

Please share in the comments section or link to your blog.  By posting what you are thankful for, you may remind someone of what all he/she has in which to be thankful.



2 thoughts on “Sunday (or Monday) Thanks

  1. Thankful to celebrate another year, an extra day off to spend with my kiddo, and the third season of Once Upon A Time coming to Netflix!!


  2. I am thankful for….
    an empty shed that will soon be a much larger, much nicer Chicken Mansion…
    time spent with an elderly neighbor…
    2 nights my kiddos spent with my parents, and me and Kris slept through the night uninterrupted…
    my parents and our ability to live next door…
    the fact the hub wants to bowl just so we can have a date night guaranteed(sp?)…
    my dad expanding the goat pen unexpectedly..
    my kiddos giggles in the morning…


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