Writing Workshop Wednesdays (6)

Yesterday I met some amazing students, and we discussed second-order writing where instead of simply telling, a writer explains, elaborates, and exemplifies in his/her writing.  So, for today’s Writing Workshop Wednesdays writing prompt, we have a visual, Andrew Wyeth’s Christina’s World, 1948.  At first glance, what is happening in this image?  Who is the woman, and why is she lying on the grass?  What is she thinking?  What is the building at the top of the hill?

Writing Prompt:  Describe what is happening in the painting below.


15 thoughts on “Writing Workshop Wednesdays (6)

  1. Home. Only three years of absence and the house, the fields, even the sky seemed so different; altered, just like her. She sat in the tall grass, her hands brushing the soft blades and gazed at the house, remembering the last time she stepped through the front door, taking it all for granted.

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  2. She’s a lost teenage girl. Not lost as in she can’t find home but lost in her young mind. She feels weak and abandoned. She sits out in the low cut, half green grass yearning for family love but in all reality she ran outside to push them away.

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  3. This teenage girl sits in longing and despair for something she used to know so well. She can not be to close, in fear of being seen. She ran away awhile ago to escape the rules of the roost that she did not agree with. However, she is starting to realize the intention of her father’s strict guidelines were out of love for her.


  4. In this painting I see a young woman turned towards a house, looking longingly upon it. She seems to be looking longingly at because of the way her body is laying on the grass. The lady appears to be contemplating on what she wants to do. She seems as though she wants to go back to the house but is hesitant. It’s almost as though she may be scared to go because of something that happened prior to this painting.


  5. The lady sees her past but is reluctant to go back because of what she did have. The thought crosses her mind but it slips by for the future


  6. ralph paul,
    in the picture, the girl is looking out and she’s day dreaming and thinking about her past life. by her body language she’s regreting her past, and thinks she shouldve made better decisions. she probably grew up in that house and something bad happened in that house that sacred her for life. thats why shes staying away from the house. shell go back one day to conquer her fear.

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  7. In this picture the girl is feeling lonely and abandoned by her family which can be very abusive to her. The whole setting is very dreary and filled with sorrow, as you can tell from the shadows and darkness all around her, but the little light there is happens to be around the home setting your attention to it. She is laying on the grass crawling while crying towards the house but only because she is in deep thought of what it is she wants to do, she is not fully convinced on going back. The young teenager is torn between wanting to run away and find life somewhere else, thinking she may find happiness some away from here. At the same time, she wants to find something to hold on to, some glimmer of hope so she can go back to her family and maybe live in harmony together with her family to get a taste of the comfort and acceptance from the people she cares for the most.

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  8. This a young teenage girl who does not feel like she is physically or mentally in the same place. She looks like she is mourning over an issue at the house while she physically has distanced herself from the issue.


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