Sunday (a little late) Thanks

Busy yesterday simply savoring the time with my family, I failed to post my Sunday Thanks, but did not fail to be thankful.  My girls have recently gone back to school, and I missed them those two days they were gone last week.  In the summer, we are together morning, noon, and night, and that’s how I like it.

I am thankful for . . .

Kryptonite Boob Sweat (breast cancer survivor here with new and improved kryptonite boobs), the naming courtesy of my friend in Virginia, woman blessing Christie.  Having destroyed a third cell phone (by accident, of course) in a matter of four years, take or leave a year, I had to break down and ask my friends to text me so that I could add them to my contact list.  Admitting that storage of my previous phone (may it R.I.P.) in a sports bra while climbing Monks Mound is not conducive to technological longevity was humbling, to say the least.  Adding my friend’s humor to the situation made it all worthwhile.

witnessing a man in his seventies climbing the stairs repeatedly at Monks Mound (I need to step it up a notch).

two surprise “packages” (cards) in the mail.

amazing mission trips completed by the middle and high school students at Troy United Methodist Church.

a loved one’s body finally at peace.


For what are YOU thankful?




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