Writing Workshop Wednesdays (5)

Tomorrow my squirts start school.  I have one who is excited, and one who is devastated.  We do our best to make this last day memorable to us.  Today, we are going to swim to our hearts’ content at a new (to us) aquatic center.


So, how would you spend your last day of summer?  Consider this last day using all five of your senses (if possible).

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One thought on “Writing Workshop Wednesdays (5)

  1. I would spend my last day of summer on the beach, and I have the past few years. Nothing is more relaxing than sitting on the beach forgetting about all of your worries and just laying in the sun. The feeling of the hot sand between your toes and the sight of water going on forever are some of my favorite memories of the beach. My least favorite parts of the beach are the taste of the salt water in your mouth, the sound of little kids screaming that are sitting next to you on the beach (of course), and the smell of sunscreen.


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